Processor-in-Memory Architectures for Enhanced Security


Security has become paramount in the modern world: more and more information has now been stored in the form of computer data. However, without good protection schemes, the consequence could be catastrophic once the system is hacked. Many research and industrial organizations have been investigating effective ways to enhance the security mechanisms to achieve higher levels of data confidentiality and integrity. We propose to make use of the processor-in-memory architecture which we feel  to be a good architecture owing to its hardware and software features.


With advanced technology, the integration of processing logic and memory on the same chip makes PIM a more secure and faster machine than traditional secure processors. On-chip data access will keep data processed confidential and save energy. The SIMD feature will parallelize the crypto computation to enhance the performance. This research focuses on adapting PIM architectures for the enhanced security. We will compare PIMís performance on security benchmarks with traditional architecture and implement this model on reconfigurable architecture.